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The Experience You Need When Facing Criminal Charges

A criminal record can limit employment opportunities and haunt your life in other ways. If you are accused of a crime, the most important thing is to get legal counsel right away.

Don’t talk to law enforcement. Don’t go to court by yourself. Don’t plead guilty to anything. Call the Law Office of Toni L. Sessoms, P.C., first. I will draw on nearly 30 years in criminal law to protect your freedom, your reputation and your future.

Criminal Defense In Mid-Michigan

I practice in the criminal courts of Isabella County and surrounding jurisdictions. I have experience with all misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

I protect your rights to ensure that you are treated fairly in the criminal justice system. I am with you at every stage, from your initial court appearance through motions, negotiations and — if necessary — representation at trial. You can count on me for a thorough defense to shield you from the worst aspects of the criminal justice system.

When Addiction Leads To Legal Trouble

Michigan has very harsh penalties for drug convictions, even for simple drug possession. I will fight to minimize those penalties, including getting you qualified for substance abuse treatment programs or probation to keep you out of jail. Addiction also drives thefts and acts of violence. I work to convince the court that you are someone who needs to be helped rather than someone who merely needs to be punished.

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The earlier you get me involved the better. I know what to do to protect your rights and change the outcome for the better. Call my Mount Pleasant office at 989-779-9700 or contact me online.