Law Offices of Toni L. Sessoms, P.C.

Family and Criminal Legal Representation in Isabella County, Michigan

Family Law

Criminal Law

Attorney Toni Sessoms has been practicing law in Michigan courts for over 28 years. 

Her practice has focused primarily on family law and criminal law.  Currently, she is accepting select cases in the mid-Michigan area.

Having helped local residents with their family or criminal legal issues in a professional and straightforward manner for decades, Toni Sessoms strives to provide all clients with an understanding of their legal rights and options so they are well-equipped to make the best decisions regarding their own case. She works with the client through the initial pleadings and discovery process through all lower court hearings, exploring ways with the client to seek a path of resolution via mediation, negotiations and settlement or, if necessary, to proceed to trial. Toni Sessoms seeks the best solutions at all times so the client can experience the optimum outcome from the litigation process.

Toni Sessoms is licensed to practice in all Michigan state courts, the United States Eastern District of Michigan federal court and the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribal Court.